When Emmanuel Eboue Mocked Of Understanding The Tactics Of North Korea

Emmanuel Eboue always played with a smile over his face, but last year the 34-year-old shocking revealed that he was pushed to suicide after some problems in his life. Eboue picked millions during his tenure in Arsenal, Galatasaray, and Sunderland, but the 34-year-old is under pressure. He revealed that he sometimes sleeps on the floor at a friend’s home and hides daily from the bailiffs, even cleaning his clothes by hand because he has no washing machine.

His current situation is far from his former self, but Eboue will always be recognized as one of the biggest characters in the game. One of Eboue’s most notorious moments came to the 2010 World Cup during the Ivory Coast’s last group game against North Korea.

The African nation was 3-0 and went into stopping time, and the North Korean coach Kim Jong-Hun continued to call his captain over a team. It is not much you can say at this time, right? Eboue decided to follow Korean number 10 to the sidelines and listen to what was happening, despite not knowing a single word of the language. He nodded and agreed. It was one of the most memorable moments in the World Cup.

Six years after the hilarious incident, Eboue revealed exactly what happened in an interview with The Telegraph: “At the time, I do not honestly know what was happening in my mind at the time. But people will not forget it.” Eboue said. “When their coach called his captain over, I walked close to him nodding and saying,” OK, no problem, I understand, yes? “He said to me,” You speak Korean? “I said,” No, but I understand a little, and he laughed.”

He shared many such moments in his interview, to know more, check the whole interview.

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