Wayne Bridge Reveals His Relation with Emmanuel Eboue

Strong words have come in from the former defender of the Blues. Wayne Bridge wanted to hit the defender for Arsenal, Emmanuel Eboue. Wayne is usually cool enough but he got the sight of Eboue during the League Cup. They were known to be one of the greatest rivals for Premier League who faced each other in the year 2007. The game was ultimately finished by Wayne Bridge and victory came for Chelsea with the result 2-1. But the heated clash after the game will always be remembered by the fans for a mass scuffle and bridge got highly involved into it.

John Obi Mikel who was one of the teammates for the team Chelsea and he was shown a red card along with Emmanuel Adebayor. But after a replay, it was seen that Emmanuel Eboue was guilty and not Adebayor. He became a victim as the identity was mistaken. After speaking to the ‘Liquid Podcast for Football’ that is produced by JOE, bridge confessed that he would have been rather happy if he could have involved Eboue in the clash. It was admitted by Bridge that he had shown much effort to send off Eboue instead of Adebayor, but all his efforts were backfired and he became really upset for that incident. He stated that he wanted to hit him back because he was irritated with his attitude towards him.

Bridge, when asked whether he tried to send him off intentionally, he replied that he was definitely thinking of sending him off. It was kind of buzzing inside his head that he has to send him back. But they sent Adebayor instead of Eboue which was kind of unbelievable of him. Bridge remembered that Eboue was laughing in front of him and it really became irritated for him.

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