What lies ahead for Emmanuel Eboue?

Emmanuel Eboue’s playing career has taken a huge dip after he was hit with a 1 year ban from FIFA which prevented him from playing any competitive match for 365 days and this was due to a debt that the Ivorian player has to one of his former agents, SebastienBoisseau.

It’s believed that Eboue has a debt in the region of £1 million and things has been extremely difficult recently for the Ivorian footballer who has also endured the death of his grandfather as well as brother, both of which passed away on October of 2015.

Being a football player has traditionally been the main source of income for Emmanuel Eboue but with this recent 1 year ban, it has affected his finances and the former Arsenal player has recently revealed details concerning his situation as Eboue said:

“There are times when I stay in my bedroom and don’t come out. One, two days in that room.Alone. I lock the door and am just thinking. I spend a lot of my time reading the Bible and will say, ‘Emmanuel, why are you doing that? It’s no good for your family’’

“It’s a bit like being in prison where you can’t do anything, because FIFA said even training with any club, I can’t. I have lost one year of my career. I don’t play. If I don’t play, I don’t have an income. So, let me play, and when I have something, I’ll pay my ex-agent.”

From the looks of it, Emmanuel Eboue does not have Michael Essien Fan enough money to pay his former agent but since his 1 year FIFA ban expired on March, the Ivorian player is able to join a club and start earning a salary and resolve his financial issues.