Eboue on new season

Emmanuel Eboue believes that Arsenal has a good chance of winning the title this season.

He said that Arsene Wenger is determined to strengthen the team and that there is no doubt that he will be building a team that will allow them to challenge for the Premier League title.

The former Arsenal defender said that the fact that the team will not participate in the Champions League could be an advantage as they will have more time to focus on the Premier League. He believes that Arsene Wenger has the necessary experience to help the team win the league as he has done it before.

He said that at the moment the squad needs some more world-class players and that he believes that the manager will do the necessary before the start of the new season. For Emmanuel Eboue, it is important that Arsenal keeps their two best players Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez if they want to challenge for the title.

He said that there are not a lot of quality players that are available on the market at the moment and that it would be hard for Arsene Wenger to find a suitable replacement. He has urged these two players to commit their future to Arsenal as he feels that the Gunners are a team for the future.

He believes that the team is already quite good and with the addition of some world class players they can turn out to be one of the best European teams.

He has also urged fans to remain behind the team and to support the club irrespective of performance on the pitch. He said that as a player you always want to have the fans behind you and that it is quite difficult to play when you have a negative atmosphere in the stadium.