Herve Renard gets down to Earth

The manager of the Ivory Coast national Football team, Herve Renard, was on the top of the world the other night in Bata as his team clinched the most prestigious competition in African Football, the Cup of Nations.
And, in his happiness, he forgot the dignity of the post at which he was and he did something which probably no manager in the history of the game would have ever done. He took off his shirt.

Because of the fact that the game had already finished, there’s no chance of any disciplinary action to be taken against him, but, it was certainly not an appropriate act for a manager.

There’s no doubt that the achievement was pretty big for Renard. It was his second Cup glory in Africa as manager. He had already done that with Zambia three years back.

To do it again with some other team especially with one which has been struggling in the recent times, it was really something to be proud of, but, he must not have gone to the extent of stripping and all as it did not send a very good signal outside.

However, sometimes, people get carried away and it was probably one of those things there.

It was actually a much tensed game, the final, in which the team taking the Ivory Coast on was Ghana.

Both the teams battled fiercely for the first 120 minutes in which no goals got scored and then, it was all down to the shootouts.

The shootouts also just kept getting stretched as the shots were hitting the target from both the sides, but, eventually, Ghana missed one and that was the end of the story for them.

The last time when Ivory Coast had won this tournament in the early nineties, it was Ghana at the other side that time around too.