Emmanuel Eboue needs more than praise to revive his career

Emmanuel Eboue has gone from being a consistent starter of Arsenal to not playing a single match in this season for the Turkish side Galatasaray.

Not too long ago, Arsenal’s Oxlade-Chamberlain revealed that one of the players who helped him on getting accustomed to life at the Premier League club was Emmanuel Eboue as the Ivorian defender made jokes which made things easier for Oxlade-Chamberlain who was only 17 years old when he signed with Arsenal.

Arsenal’s Oxlade-Chamberlain said: “I remember my first training session. I think I was just coming back from an ankle injury as well.As I arrived, my first session was with Robin van Persie and Emmanuel Eboue, just the three of us doing passing drills.I remember I couldn’t even pass the ball more than five yards in the first 10 minutes. Eboue made me feel comfortable and welcome with his jokes and his laughing and I settled into it a little bit more.

There are a few other players who have praised and given thanks to Emmanuel Eboue for what he has done but right now the one who needs help in order to revive his career is the Ivorian right-back as he has not made a single appearance for Galatasaray in this season even though Eboue is fully fit and ready to play.

The career of Eboue seems to have reached it’s end as the player does not have an influential role at the Turkish side and it doesn’t look like his role will be changing anytime soon.

Emmanuel Eboue will be 32 years old in June and spending the twilight years of his career is certainly not the way he wants to waste it. If Eboue wants to end his playing career on a high note and get back into the pitch, a move away from Galatasaray is the best option.