Eboue DIsappointed To Be Left Out Of Squad

The experienced Ivorian right-back of Galatasaray, Emmanuel Eboue only made 18 league appearances in the past edition of the Turkish Super Lig as he has fallen behind the pecking order for his team and he has confessed his disappointment in not being named in Galatasaray’s upcoming Champions League match against Arsenal.
Galatasaray is currently performing in the Champions League and they were pitted in Group D where they will have to face off against: Borussia Dortmund, Anderlecht and Arsenal.
Arsenal is the former club of Emmanuel Eboue and the Ivorian defender was eager on playing against the team where he used to play some years ago but he was left out of the Champions League squad that was submitted by Galatasaray to UEFA.
Emmanuel Eboue in the past displayed his joy about being able to play against the Premier League club Arsenal but now that he is out of the squad, the Ivorian expressed his displeasure as he went on saying to the media: ‘’I am disappointed to have been left out the team. I have played for Galatasaray for three-seasons and have won trophies here. I should have been treated better, I have achievements with Arsenal and my national team but have been left out of the squad for some reason, that’s life. I am training with the U-21 team, I do not know why but it is disappointing to be in this situation, I love the club but am not sure what is going on.”
Eboue continued on revealing his opinion about which teams are going to advance through the next stages of the Champions League as he believes that Arsenal and Galatasaray are capable of making past the group stages and proceed further.

“I believe Galatasaray has what it takes to make it out of this group along with Arsenal. You can see what a challenge Beşiktaş gave them, they were so close to making it through to the group stages, sometimes you just need a little luck’’ Eboue added on.