The result of the game between Arsenal and Chelsea has changed the equations

The result of the game between Arsenal and Chelsea has changed the equations in the English Premiership to a great deal.

The Gunners lost and straightaway went from one to three in the standings.

Tottenham Hotspur, on the other hand, had a completely opposite result and they managed to close in the gap of points between them and Arsenal to two points only.

With these results, it has got quite interesting now and the pressure is on Arsenal.

Now, one more loss for them in the next couple of games and they might slip to 4 in the table which would be terribly frustrating from their perspective.
Also, it’s not to forget that Manchester United is there and thereabouts as well. At 37, they are not a huge distance away.

Yes, not too many people, who have seen them play of late, would believe that they are too much of a threat for Arsenal, but, who knows, they might be.

And, there is one more angle to it. Chelsea is rising up pretty quickly too.

However, it’s very, very hard for someone, even if he wants to, to back the Blues to cover that long a gap to make their entry into top 4, but, you can never count a team, which has got as much of quality as Chelsea has, out of the consideration for anything.

To talk about all these possibilities, it might sound like an overreaction to one Arsenal loss, but, everyone knows it doesn’t take too long for the fortune to turn around in sports and momentum is the key as the end of the Season gets closer.

When you go into the last few weeks and you are under pressure, anything can happen.

Funny things have happened in the business end of the season in the past.