Sam Allardyce believes on Emmanuel Eboue

Sam Allardyce believes there is still little bit of hope left for Emmanuel Eboue to save his Sunderland contract, but, for that, he will have to ensure he settles terms with Sebastien Boisseau, his one-time agent, whom he is currently involved in a financial dispute with.

The Ivorian does not have too much time to get the dispute closed. If a club decides to end a player’s contract without his consent, the player has the right to file an appeal against that in only within a couple of weeks. Once that period is crossed, no way-back is possible.

So, that’s something Eboue will have to keep in head. He will have to do it fast, whatever he has to do.

Sorting the issue does not look to be easy at all for Eboue because it’s not a small sum of money that is in the picture. He owes the concerned person around a million Euros and unless and until he pays back the total amount, the matter is not coming to a close.

And, if the ban persists, it might well be the career ending blow for Eboue because once you are completely out of the game game for about a year at the age of 32, it does not leave you in a great mental state to try and come back.

Allardyce is obviously not the happiest man in the world hearing all this because his medical team had been working tirelessly to get Eboue in the right shape for him to be put on the ground and he was pretty close to be declared match fit, was the veteran Ivorian.

He could actually have been a trump card for the Black Cats in this closing phase of the season, but, not to be now.