Former Arsenal defender Emmanuel Eboue has become the target of racial abuse while playing for his club Galatasaray. It is thought that fans of Besiktas racially abused it Emmanuel Eboue while their team was playing against Galatasaray.

Adding further evidence to the situation, the video has been released that clearly shows Emmanuel Eboue being pelted with various missiles including objects like a plastic water bottle and a lighter. There has been no comments from the Turkish football Federation about this incident. NTV said in their sure that there was clearly racially abuse in the frustration vented against Emmanuel Eboue.

It is thought that Besiktas fans turned ugly against Emmanuel Eboue after the Ivory Coast defender feigned injury in order to waste time. “The treatment Emmanuel Eboue was given by Besiktas fans on Sunday has nothing to do with racism. Similar treatment was given to a Turkish player during the game as well, the sole motivation for the act was Eboue’s theatrics aimed at deceiving the referee,” Besiktas spokesman Mete Duren said. If found guilty, Besiktas could face a fine from the Turkish football Federation. This is clearly an act of failing to control the supporters and it is very likely that Besiktas would be receiving a fine in the future.

This is the first game since the decision against bringing away fans to the grounds was taken recently. Matches between the Turkey’s top sides like Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Besikitas, and Trabzonspor will not be featuring away fans. There has also been a number of anti-hooliganism laws introduced in recent times in Turkey, but it seems that they have failed to control some aspects of racism in Turkey. Emmanuel Eboue, though, has been known for feigning injury a lot during his Arsenal days itself, and it may not be surprising to know that his abuse was caused as a result of it.