Emmanuel Eboue contract ended only after 22 days at Sunderland

Sunderland has terminated former Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboue’s contract only after having joined the club for 22 days only.

This come after Eboue has received a one-year ban from FIFA because he failed to pay his former agent.

In a statement released by Sunderland, the club stated that they have been made aware by the FA that Emmanuel Eboue has been suspended from all footballing activity for a period of one year by the FIFA. The club was keen to say that the issue with the agent happened prior to the player joining the club and that they were not made aware of this problem by the player.

The club stated that the short-term contract that the player signed with the club has been immediately terminated and that the player may make an appeal.

The case was handled by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but the court dismissed Emmanuel Eboue’s case. He was initially ordered to pay the amount he owed to his agent back in 2013, but Eboue has failed to comply with the order. He was again sentenced to pay the amount in 2014 and again the former Arsenal player did not obey the instructions.

Finally, the FIFA has sentenced the player to one year ban as he has failed to comply with the multiples fines and orders that he has been given.

The one-year ban means that Sunderland will release Eboue without having been able to play a single game for his new club. He will have to wait for a full year before being able to play again for any club around the world.
Alternatively, Emmanuel Eboue will have to pay the full amount he owes to his agent before the ban is removed.