The Galatasaray defender, Emmanuel Eboue, has called the former Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie a “Dutch Donkey” in one of his tweets.

In that tweet, he wrote that he has no respect for Robin Van Persie in his heart. Van Persie has done wrong by leaving Arsenal. As per Eboue, Van Persie has disturbed the balance of the Arsenal team by leaving the club all of a sudden. He shouldn’t have done that. By doing this, he has proved what kind of individual he is.

Eboue himself was an Arsenal player and he played alongside Van Persie for quite some time. He played for Arsenal till the end of the 2010-11 season. But, in the last season, he was bought by Galatasaray. The Turkish club had to pay 3.5 million Euros for buying the Ivorian defender. Eboue joined Galatasaray on a contract of four years.

The Arsenal fans are disappointed by Van Persie’s sudden exit from the club. Van Persie was the best player of Arsenal in the last season. He had scored more than 40 goals in the last season. Many players of Arsenal have clearly admitted that it would not be easy for the club to win the matches without the Dutch striker. The manager of the club, Arsene Wenger, also has the same opinion. But, Eboue has a different thought.

According to him, Van Persie can’t give consistent performances and he would never be able to repeat the stuff of the previous season in his career. He is not one of the fittest blokes around and he tends to get injured more often than not. So, he would not have made a lot of difference for Arsenal in this season. Arsenal has got many talented players and the team would not miss Persie much in the upcoming season.