Arsenal sold Ivory Coast international Emmanuel Eboue a few years ago to Turkish club Galatasaray. It appears that the defender is open to the possibility of returning to Arsenal after he has admitted that he is still in touch with the club.

He was an Arsenal player for six years after arriving at the club in 2005. Initially, he impressed everyone with his versatility and efforts on the pitch. However, the club sold him only a few years ago to Galatasaray after a few seasons of mediocre performances from the player.

After winning the Turkish league championship last season, Eboue is once again on a high. Arsenal fans showed a lot of negativity towards Eboue, but the defender has revealed that he still loves the club very much. Players like Abou Diaby and Bacary Sagna are in touch with him regularly, while Eboue also revealed that he speaks with manager Arsene Wenger occasionally. Eboue was speaking on the occasion of Galatasaray possibly taking on Arsenal in the Emirates cup. They will be playing at the Emirates stadium as part of the pre-season preparations.

Eboue will be returning to his former stamping ground and he is very much looking forward to the occasion. He hopes that the fans give him a good reception.

“I still speak to several of the guys regularly – Bacary Sagna and Abou Diaby for example – and sometimes Arsène Wenger too. I always want to hear news from the club because I am a big supporter of them. I’m a Galatasaray player now, but I am still in love with Arsenal and I always watch their games. The club only did good things for me, and I never had any trouble from anybody. My only bad day was that game against Wigan, but that was something you must be ready for as football player,” said Eboue.