Emmanuel Eboue, one time Arsenal cult hero now has a new lifetime goal: converting Jamie Redknapp to Christianity.

According to Redknapp – a pundit with Sky Sports – Eboue now texts him everyday with religious quotes on a bid to bring him into the thresholds of Christianity.

The prayerful Ivory Coast International can be seen praying before every match. He is not too familiar with Redknapp which makes his actions quite surprising, Redknapp says. The duo had only met as their kids were in the same age category and play football together. So it was during that one of those times they met and exchanged contacts.

However, what first began as a little chit chat here and there, has now blossomed into something more serious, according to Redknapp on A League of Their Own.

He said: “Can I tell a story? For some reason… His little boy is the same age as mine and I met him at football. He wants me to become a Christian and he keeps sending me these messages about turning to God. I don’t even know him! Every day I get a ‘Thought for the Day’.”

And with Redknapp claiming not to know him, it makes everything sound a bit off.

“Why is he picking on me? Our kids are seven and play football together, let’s not get too deep, mate,”

Redknapp concluded.

Emmanuel Eboue is currently serving a one year ban handed to him by FIFA earlier this year in match. This came as a result of a protracted dispute involving the player and a former representative, Sébastien Boisseau over the former’s non payment of fees owed.

As soon as he was banned, Sunderland, whom the player had just signed for as a free agent on the 9th of March, terminated his contract.